So disturbed

you are right

and the fact that you realise it, scares me

the fact that it fights each day between the stimuli and determination

against melancholy

the fact that it wants to reach out / jump up but instead slipping bellow in the abyss of shadows

the fact that it sees all the colours and the light but non the less sucked into the haze of pauses

which every now and then it has to battle

with its entire being alike splashing against the glass

but when you are smiling or even when you are running

towards the colours and you too can see them

it wants to join and also pause with you, but not in the haze

in the light among all colours

how can it run and how can it pause all together

this pair of scales alike life and death itself

demanding its kingdom throughout everything

can it run with you, will you pause with it

can you both manoeuvre together

until the light overshadows this muffled perplexity of lights and shadows.

can it be

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