Full of armor

For though the cowboy falls seven times

He gets back on the horse

He is a real cowboy only after falling

alike Don Quixote, he sees adventures in every coming day

Bored is his enemy

alike Old Izergil,  he stumbles through the thousand heart aches

But with the heart full open he marches towards a new day

Every single day

He is invincible

‘Alone’ is his enemy

His hands are skilled,

His mind is sharp

He sees right thorough the hearts and weaknesses

He has a mercy

for every single heart

Heart by heart

day by day

mystery by mystery

He is invincible.




Lay down and tighten yourself

because it will come soon and it will attack you

throughout the day

there will be a moment, when you will not resist it

you know it

you are afraid

of failure

and you failed already

because you are afraid



A sound, chirping twitting through the window

someone said that

there are more things to say in C major

a little sparrow

panicked, hiding with its broken wing

from the noisy road

when I caressed it

through my finger

trasmitted into

awakened me


and major

all A’s B’s and C’s