Review. Biocentrism by Lanza R.

I found this book very interesting. Sense of humour and witty remarks make it easy to read , which is very important when approaching difficult subject such as this. I absolutely agree with Lanza ( 2016) on the fact that ‘ life and its genesis remain a mystery, consciousness is an enigma squared’. Of course since ‘ a few centuries ago, Church and Scripture provided the framework for the Big Picture. By the 1930s, biblical explanations were no longer in vogue among intelligentsia and were eventually replaced by the cosmic egg model. In this model, the universe was presented as a kind of self- operating machine. It was composed of stupid stuff, meaning atoms of hydrogen and other elements that had no innate intelligence. Nor did any sort of external intelligent rule. Rather, unseen forces such as gravity and electromagnetism, acting according to the random laws of chance.’

‘ How did I get here?’ – some children pose this question

‘ To bring up the topic of the origin of perception’ puzzles the science or as Hoffman ventured is ‘ the deepest problem in all of science ‘. And yet this topic considered to be ‘ too odd to be discussed in serious venues’ ( Lanza, 2016). And so it goes, ‘ our standard model of the universe consists of an interesting mixture of the living and the non living.’ We find ourselves to be ‘ conscious , in a matrix we call the universe.’The starter models due to the absence of data are being provided by cosmologists, but they are just starter models , shall we look deeper.  Yes please.


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