let me tell you, – about
one note
that is
rippling through the midair
it sounds so pure and light
that it resonates in your head until the rain pours
after this expanse of mere washed away the last debris
the semiquaver would not seize
it keeps drawing you in
submerge, will you, you have no choice
forsake any attempt to bypass
passing you must through this vortex
of resonating sounds, metamorphosing images and fluid colors
of entertaining words and shifting schemes of paradigms
into the world where anything is possible
let it be my world

The Void.

what can you be afraid of ..if not the dark
cold and

devoid of any humanity
…The void

of the universe

are you afraid, when you are lonely, do you feel that you belong to this void, that indeed it is a part of you, that you are here and you are there at the same time, temporarily enjoying this humanity,

this dual nature of yourself….and then

this void and SILENCE,


– a question ?

option one, this infinite void wanted to speak so much that it created you to speak…
and  from this premise comes:
this infinite silent cold void was not that silent in the end … it definitely had something to say
and so the word is spoken, if fact even nagging your peace   ….it rings in the ears, in the multitude of thoughts spreading in all directions….silence –  it is not that bad in the end

and perhaps that is not even cold
Or  ! it is NOT the void
It can be warm and even hot
it can be very colourful
not silent but have endless whispers
in fact it can be very noisy…. but peacefully and ticklish
as cosy ticklish feather tips or woollen filament – thoughts will comfort you in the warmth of the conscious blanket, fluffy and warm
there can be no void
lets compromise …

The mind is the beast
It can run 100 000 km an houR
DRRRR DRRRilling the surface
After a couple of circles
You are going to come back
To the same bench
And smile
It is another
And all and you are still the same



Lounge bar

Went to a launge bar
Legs in the swimming pool
So important that you can puff
In negligence and bored achievement
Looks like you can be just that
And yet is it a pure
Self expression or its functuality
Mocking importance or duality
Every time I construct my reality
The mind twists in its abnormality
Of a neglect as if
And the painful one
Oh please i just want the peace
I keep it closer to the simplicity
Or declare that i am giving up
The importance
The acceptance
The money
And the swimming pool
The lounge and this not so crazy fool
Please please leave me  the peace
I do want the only thing
With all the wickedness of this world
in me
I want the peace and my place in it.

It is the run
The run from the dark side
A run from yourself
This battle Is going to change you
Or it is going to merge you with
Death, which is a not that bad since you entered this field
You must be mad
Your enemy is bigger then you
No, please, no
Do not look back.
It is right behind you!
It looks just like you!
.. You
… win
If you spot the difference

And in the ocean where the sea is blue
You no longer want any kind of destruction
You only seek to leash it through
So that you can see this sea is being blue

Slam the door

and do it louder!
So that the walls shutter
And the paint falls down
The ceiling cracks
and the floor collapse
Everything jumps up and nails down
Nailing your very common sense
Down to the maddening realization
That all these walls
Meant not to be here !

It is something you either have or you decide not to, like a mirror you reflect it or deflect it,

you are NOT your body

 A ginger man

Your kind grip

Won’t push me away

I know that you




And fuzzy

With your hair sticking out

Curling in all directions

You can comb it, of course – why not  !

But, I will twist it all around

sprinkle with water and the flood

will turn you upside down

and carry you to the fuzzy

twirling Pool

We both will find the holes in it, of course

And swim even further

There are many pools

you said..was there a smile ?
– on your knees, I want to see you begging –
not because you have not felt it,  but
mocking the nagging thing
with that vulgar reason
crying in your confused heart
– begging is no longer required-
I said
smiling, is all you have left

you Outstripped the nature, look

who is on the knees now
I beg you

haunting spirit
in a moving train
soaking windows
and the falling rain
drops are forming
with transparent pain
that familiar figure….
it is you again?
leave me, will you?
came to haunt me here
cannot you see my
desolated sneer
no emotion, I
left it all behind
my devotion
you will no longer find


Full of armour

For though the cowboy falls seven times,

He gets back on the course

He is a real one only after falling

alike Don Quixote, he sees adventures in every coming day

Bored is his enemy

alike Old Izergil,  he stumbles through the thousand heart aches

but with the heart full open he marches towards a new day

every single day

He is invincible

‘Alone’ is his enemy

His hands are skilled,

His mind is sharp

He sees right thorough the hearts and weaknesses

He has  mercy

for every single heart

Heart by heart

day by day

mystery by mystery

He is invincible.

Is there peace on Earth ?

It is so peaceful in here
in this moment that has eaten the time
words flowing away
only the sound
this sound…listen
where do you run
there are many ways
and there are many sounds
many words
you are free…
each and every one of you
unique and beautiful



И если боль тебя не сломает

Ты достигнешь пути
И возможно даже увидишь
Что это всё пустяки
Что это все просто и мило
Даже и не куда спешить
Что землей правит совсем не горе
А простой людский мир
Хотя вполне вероятно что ум твой
И не сможет всего понять
Что заблудет он в такие дебри
И землёй хоть пересыпай
И ведь разум твой может завернуться
В кой неведомый мрак
Заблудиться в нем и заспорить
Может всякий дурак
Как тут свету мне здесь увидеть
Как узреть
Коль мне выпала эта доля, и ведь не знаю
Я теперь
Мне на лево иль на право
Где же путь
Здесь смеются а там пляшут
Что за плут
Мне все шепчет всё игриво
И не вижу я , ать
И один денек а за ним же
Перемены вплоть
Помутнили мне мой рассудок непостоянством вплоть
До того что я метаюсь вихрем
Плоть и в плоть
Эта плоть моя неземная иль совсем не так
Где же дурости тут слыхали ль
Мне словсем как в пах
Ты пожалуйста поверь мне
Ведь все совсем не так
Ты бы сбросил своё похмелье
И прям голым так
Улыбнулся да встряхнулся
и чем голее так
Тем все шире твоя улыбка
Распахнется в такт
Птицей белой тебя отдернет
И присесть никак
Ты запляшешь пожалуй
Ведь так же
Если миром правит всё она же
Она же
Одна простая




do not leave her  here

In this perplexity and darkness

without anyone to hold on to

in the coldness throughout the day

please, show her

where she can create for you

give her


at some place

on earth

she really wants to be grateful

for this is all she can really bare