Hamlet soliloquy

Modern adaptation ) 

To be, or to be not

Was the question

Whether it was noble, to suffer at all

Or easier to kill yourself one may wonder

To die and to sleep or even to dream !


We do not know, 


Dreams will come 

When mortal flesh is gone


There must be dream for then why waiting  

In hands of time prolonging 

The imminence of such an outcome ! 

Sweet death- the country veiled 

Without road to return 

It is all yours 

Alas, keep waiting 


Waiting is better then jumping to conclusions 

bloop sound

Inadequate uttering

communicative electron

electrecal bloop

who r u

upon r h

here ?

m m m

abstraction in a form

Pronoun from some noun 

Proactive product of protrusion 

Forward moving what

U u u t t t 

Do you even have a name ? 

Name yourself ! State yourself ! Introduce yourself !

 I demand that you must be known ! 

Such is the nature of Me 

Me me me and me 

In My kingdom of PROnouns !

Broken poet says 

What do I communicate –

if a word so unstable

What do I communicate –
when in need of a friend 
What do I communicate –
when all philosophies are fables
What to do if –
we humans are so very mean
What do I communicate –
when friendships seem conditional
What do I say –
when pain constrains time
What do I place on the table –
full of conditions, words and passing  stories
What do I communicate ?
– Nothing …..but colour. I will communicate silence ! 
And so he found poetry in colours. 


Light breeze has been travelling through the vast walls into the building. It has been carrying lazy flamengo tune. In the street a couple was slowily walking across the garden. He was taller then her about an inch. They walked and talked at the same time.

– do you know what I dreamt of this night ?

– of course not, tell me ..

– there was a blue see and a ship, somehow I was on it alone. I woke up and wondered along the cabin when I saw a bird knocking against the window to my right. When I opened it it flew right towards me, sat on my shoulder and started to speak..

– and ?

– and it said to me something what I could not understand. …Do you know what it means ?

– very interesting dream,- she said – may be we will understand it one day…

They smiled and walked around the corner of a  brick wall in the end of the garden. The sun was playing with the green grass and the clouds were smiling.